Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A couple of Guy Cards

So last Friday I got together with my stamping friends and we made two cards.  The first was with an inking technique.  You use glossy paper, put 3 drops of ink randomly on the paper then using a straw blow the ink spots to spread.   Using a total of 4 colors you repeat the process of 3 drops and blowing for each of the first 3 colors.  The fourth color you add a bit more all on one end of the paper and with the side of your straw swipe the ink all across the paper so that no more white parts of the paper shows.  Rub off the ink and set aside to dry.  Once dried you can stamp an image onto the inked paper with Staz On.  It was so cool to see how different all of our papers turned out.  Any combination of colors can be used as long as you save the darkest for last.  Below I have both my card and the extra papers I did with different inks.  These inked papers are only about 2" x 4".

With the second card we embossed in white and then white washed the image and water colored over that.  Pretty cool idea.  We did however have a disagreement over the image.  I said it was a man but the others decided it was a woman because of the daintiness of the feet.  I suppose...but I'm still making mine a guy card.  Besides what man is really going to look at the image and say "Hey that's a Chick"!  Hahaha.  Anyway the card it's self is a Z fold card so it was pretty easy.

My stamping friends and I are getting together again Friday.  I'm not sure what June has in stored for us but I'm trying a new card that if I have it all figured out and supplies together I can show them something new too.  So until next time.........................


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