Thursday, June 12, 2014


My summer has begun........I have just returned from about 12 days at my cabin.  It was so nice to get away.  We spruced up the outside with some red, white and blue flowers to get ready for our big 4th of July party.  And of course I could not resist stopping off at my favorite stamp store.  I was in search of a Jack in the Pulpit stamp and was alittle disappointed when I found out she was all out of them.  Of course I placed an order and only walked out with a tiny purchase.  (My husband was so proud! Hahaha)   My new stamp won't be in til later this month but that's ok since I plan on being up there alot this summer.  Since I knew I was going to be up there for over a week I pre-stamped and embossed a few sheets for coloring on my down time.  I had decided that this time instead of going to my usual markers I would instead try color pencils and get that watercolor look. I brought a paint brush and 1 blender pen (since I saw someone on you tube using a blender pen)  I thought traveling light this time was a good idea, since we were opening the cabin for the season and I didn't think I'd have much time for card making.  I've used color pencils before but strictly as color pencils, not using them for water coloring.  It's easier said then done when your someone whose as anal as I am with results!  First let me say I totally prefer using the blender pen over the paint brush.  What I'm not too crazy about is how flat the colors seem to look.  I also think I need to check out my embossing powder.  Does it get old?  No clue.  My issue was that when I colored with the pencils and rubbed near the embossed line, it actually scraped the embossing off so I was constantly brushing little particles off the paper.  Silly me also used just a pigment black ink so on some parts the ink bled (because embossing scrapped off) causing a muddier color.  Although the stampings are still usable, it is not my best work.  I think the ones I like the best are my Lady Slipper ones.  It may be because I used real dark colors.  I will definitely try this again because I have to admit layering colors with watercolor pencils (before adding the water or blending pen) is super easy.  Blending one color into the next is pretty easy too.  I just miss the "Brightness" I get from markers.  Maybe next time I'll try regular color pencils and Gamsol.  I've been meaning to try the Gamsol just haven't gotten around to it.  Well here you go....take a look!  Now I need to come up with some sort of card idea to put these on!

Ok on the last picture I started the balloons but gave up....Think I'll re-stamp, not emboss and use my markers instead.  Decisions decisions....LOL


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