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I had wanted to post 1 more project before I left for the boonies!!Internet service at my summer place is terrible if I get it at all.  And to post from my cell phone?  Well I know people have done it but I can't imagine typing an entire post on such a tiny keyboard!  LOL  Besides the cell tower is about 2 miles from my house and they are still using 3G.  Plus side is that you can really go up there and have absolutely NO interruptions which at times can be wonderful.  
  Anyway to the point.....I'm sure alot of you have seen the new Stampin Up catalog.  Now remember, I am NOT a demonstrator nor do I work for Stampin Up in any way.  I know I mention Stampin up alot but that is mostly because all my other favorites (Archivers, Creative Memories, etc) have shut down there stores and/or home sales.  Archivers still sells on line but I rarely do that since the store has closed.  RAMBLINGGG.........heehee.  Any way if you check out page 152 they have the cutest bows on paperclips.  So how could I resist?  I found a tutorial by Kay Kalthoff on YouTube and I actually thought the bows were pretty simple in fact I was going to share the instructions with my stamping group.  But then I saw a video that better suited my needs which I think I will share with the group later.  I then saw a video by PoodlesPapercraft, and she had a little different bow on binder clips.  Cute cute cute! But I am quite frugal and you can get about 200 paper clips from the Dollar store vs 6 binder clips from the Dollar store.  All other tutorials used glue dots but I found the glue gun to work just as well (and it to is cheaper in the long run).  So I decided to take her idea for the bows but put them on the paperclips.  They are pretty easy and can be used to dress up a gift bag or a scrapbook page or just use them as a bookmark on your card magazines on the pages for cards you'd like to do.  You can also use it to keep some of those "Fancy" fold cards closed!

Here's what you need:

Any Scraps
2 oval Punch's any size will do but you need 1 smaller than the other
Rhinestones (optional. Bling or Pearls work too)
Paper Clips (I prefer the larger ones but the little ones work too)
Hot glue & gun (or glue dots)

I used 3 different size Punch's so I could make 2 different size bows.  Punch 2 ovals from both Punch's.  You need 2 larger ovals and 2 smaller ovals per bow.
This shows 1 of each size for larger bow.  You need 2
This is 1 of each size for smaller bow.  You need 2

Glue the ends together on all 4 ovals.  When using hot glue be careful that you don't burn your fingers.  I guess this is where glue dots are better but remember I'm Frugal!

Smaller bow pieces in left corner and Larger bow in Right corner
Glue the larger of the 2 ovals together at the ends with the single loop side of the paperclip between the 2 oval edges. Glue the 2 edges of the smaller ovals together.
I'm doing this with contrasting patterns so you will be able to see better.
Now put a little glue in center of big ovals (With paperclip on) and place the small glued ovals on top.  Press gently because you don't want to crease the loops.
Right here is the step where I added some Glimmer Mist (Homemade stuff of course)

Add a Rhinestone to the centers (or what ever you'd like in the center.  Sequins would work too.  Finished!

These are addicting!  I want to try some with Pearls and Sequins or Oooooooo  maybe just add 3 small beads in center and glue on a little folded piece of wire at top and turn them into butterflies!  Here are the Finished Sample ones.


Attach to gift bags

Butterfly worked

Til I return.........


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