Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hi everybody.....back for a short time then I'm off again.  We just had real heating and air put into the cabin and I'm on cloud nine.  We use to cool off the place with just fans (didn't help with humidity) and warm up the place with a kerosene heater and a few space heaters.  With this weird season of summer I have been able to test out both my new heating unit as well as the air conditioning!  
  With no real Internet (except for my phone which the tiny screen is hard on my eyes) I was doing some thinking.  Many times when I want to photograph a card I try to find some way to prop up the card.  Looking out the porch window I noticed the cloths line with clothespins. I had some Popsicle sticks and tongue depressors from a previous project and I remembered my son making an easel picture frame some 30 years ago.  With supplies in hand and a little hot glue I put together a couple card holders.

With one Popsicle stick as a support it seemed a bit Topsy.  A gentle wind might just blow it over so I tried a tongue depressor instead...still not very sturdy.  So next I did 2 Popsicle sticks.  I guess it's OK but I think it still might fall over especially if there is alot of  "Embelly's".   These all will work for a quick photo shoot inside and most of us crafter have clothespins and Popsicle sticks laying around somewhere.  Plus there is no measuring and no special tools needed.  But I am on a quest to find a sturdier solution.  Let me see what can be done with a few tools now that I'm home and have more access to more stuff!!  Until I figure something else out, give these a try for a quick, simple, and cheap card stand.


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