Tuesday, July 15, 2014


On a previous post on Paperclip Bow Remake I mentioned the paperclip bow in the Stampin Up catalog.  The first tutorial I saw was a bit to fussy for me and I found a simpler way to do them.  First of all scrap paper works great since you don't need very much paper.  Second of all you can make a whole lot of bows and use the paperclips found at your local Dollar store.  Better supplies have just hit the shelves and at some stores you can get 100 paperclips for $.50.  Can't beat that!!!
  To start with you need the following:

2 pieces  1/2" x 2 1/8"
1 piece  1/2" x 3"
1 piece  1/4" x 1.5"

From the 3" piece cut little "V"s at both ends.  Fold each of the 2 1/8" long pieces in half and glue only the ends.  Attach the loops to the 3" piece leaving a 1/4" space between the 2 loops in the middle.  In the 1/4" space make a notch on both the top and bottom.  Place the paperclip on the back of the bow and wrap the 1.5" piece around both the bow and the clip in the center.

Super cute super easy!  I'm really beginning to like all these paper bows lately!  I swear I'm going to have jars and jars just filled with little bows.  I guess they can sit next to my Jars and Jars of paper flowers!  Hahahah.  Sometimes I go to the extreme when it comes to embellishments I can make myself.  I get on this roll and just keep making more til I find a "New" embellishment I can duplicate.  Maybe I should turn the closet in my craft room into the embellishment corner!  Oh forgot to mention...I used the larger size paperclips not the regular size ones.  I thought the bow would look too big with the smaller clips so it was back to the table to try it out and this is what I ended up with.  What do you think? 

 Maybe the bigger clips should be used as bookmarks or to hold together our templates and the smaller ones could be used for embellishments since the clip would not cover up too much of the cards.  Well this was fun!  I really liked making these.  Hope you do to.  Later!


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