Saturday, January 3, 2015


The New Year is upon us and I am hoping you all had a joyous Holiday!  Ours was filled with a ton of joy and laughter.  My nephew and his wife had brought their new addition to our family celebration and it was such a blessing to hold a little bundle again.  The grandkids and nieces and nephews as well as grand nieces had a wonderful time enjoying the festivities.  Not very much card making got done since I was more focused on holiday decorating and gift making.  
  One of my simpler yet best decorating item was a log centerpiece.  Two of them were on my dining table while a third adorned the kids table.  They were such a hit that I'm gathering supplies now to make them as gifts for next year.
 I made 2 of these.  The birch log came from my stash from up at our cabin.  I love the burlap poinsettia but unfortunately I was only able to find 2 of them.  I had my husband drill a few holes into the top of the log and stuck the greenery and poinsettia's into it.  I filled in spaces with pine cones from some that I had collected for other projects.

This one I had to use red poinsettia's but it looked great                                                                   on the kids table.  

These brought just the right amount of wow to the table without taking up alot of room.  Plus they weren't very tall so it they didn't block any ones view.

Ive been out hitting up all the craft stores checking out all the clearance items so I can make a few for next year.  I just hope my wood delivery guy brings me some decent birch logs next spring.  I guess they could be made out of cedar too.  I'm pretty sure I have a cedar tree up north that needs to come down and I could use that but I really like the look of the birch.

Well the next up and coming holiday is Valentines Day.  I need to get some idea's together for some cards and get back on track.  I still need to keep my mind open to craft ideas though since I'm sure the grandkids are going to want to make something soon.  I also have teamed up with June and we are now involved in a monthly "Crafting Therapy" session at a local nursing home which has been quite fun so in between my cards expect to see a few crafts every now and then.

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