Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Last Friday night we ladies got together for some serious Easter card making.  We made a total of 4 different cards, 2 of which were mine.  You saw the one titled "Center step Carrot Munch".  The other one I did was a bit more of a Victorian feel.  We used 2 new stamp sets.  One from Stampin up and the other was a Stampendous cling stamp.  Such cute stamps.  So first up....a paper variation of my Carrot Munch card posted earlier.
Not so much glitter but same layout.  I think I like the glitter better.  Next my Victorian type.  This is a Joy fold card.  Directions can be found at: Splitcoast Stamper  I made my card to be vertical instead of horizontal like the tutorial.

For another variation I used leftover papers from the center step card to make another Joy fold.

Next is the Stampin up Easter card we made.  One of the ladies provided this one and it is a substantial sized card. Measuring  5x7 I think.  The stamp is in the 2015 Occaisions catalog and is called  "Happy Easter Bunny".        
Absolutely LOVE this bunny! We used Gel Pens to do the coloring and we just loved how everything just sparkled!
Moving on to the Stampendous stamp.  This bunny reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! It is called   "Sir Rabbit"   Another one of the ladies put this color arrangement together.  I think she picked perfect papers for this image.  The coloring of this image went so fast it was amazing.
We then played with some Art Glitter..I had never used it and found it challenging to get the proper amount of glue on the stamp so that enough glitter sticks to it.  Needful to say...(yes I meant needful not needless) when you have 5 people re-applying glue to the same stamp over and over it apparently gets the stamps pretty gunked up.  Those stamps (and there were only 2 stamps used, tho used 6+ times each) required tons of cleaning.  They were first rinsed with warm water, then added stamp cleaner, then soap, more stamp cleaner....then they brought out tooth brushes.  After the two ladies were in the bathroom cleaning those 2 little stamps for like 10 minutes the remaining 3 of us sort of left!  LOL  5 of us couldn't fit in that bathroom anyway!  heehee  Anyway I think we need more practice and more watching the video.  I haven't made any cards with my glitter project yet.  But I do hope to get one done tomorrow.  So til then...................................


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