Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Accordion Pony card

OK how many of you are "MY LITTLE PONY" fans?????  ANYONE???  HELLO????
I confess I'm NOT..LOL but my Granddaughter IS.  Everything pony...and now they have Equestrian Girls.  Oh boy!  The subject of My Little Pony comes up periodically at my card group so everyone knows the addiction my granddaughter has to these things so when one of the ladies was out and about she came across My Little Pony Designer Paper.  She bought me 5 sheets of this and said she thought my granddaughter would love to make something out of it.  And I'm sure she will as soon as I decide to give it to her.  I think I'm going to wait til after her birthday tho because I want to make her a "Pony" card for her birthday in late May since she is having an Equestrian Girl (part of the My Little Pony group) party and this card would be perfect to go with her gift.  Actually I had to stop this post and was just informed that she wants to make her invites soooo...I guess she gets the pony paper before her birthday!  That's ok.  
So back to my card.  I decided to use the accordion fold on this card since it's so easy.  I kept it super simple by only using the presents punch from Martha Stewart for embellishing.  The card is probably going to be passed around to a bunch of people (homemade ones in our families get alot of Oooo's and Ahhh's) so I didn't want things falling off. 

I don't know?   Does this count as a C.A.S?  Maybe its a C.A.S. Fancy Fold!!  LOL!

Well I think I'm going to try a few Z-fold cards.  I saw a video on Youtube that gave me an idea...You'll have to check back later to find out!  Til then.............


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  1. This is adorable, and bet your little one LOVED it! I love this fun fold and the castle theme is really great.