Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cabin Haul

What a great weekend!  We got our cabin open for the season and I can't wait to get back up there.  We might even consider Internet service this year.  Might?  Any way I got to check out my favorite stamp store while we were there.  First I went to the new and improved store.  Oscar had moved from one building to another and has a much better set up in the new space. I am excited to spend alot of time in the new shop.  The other shop Oscar has is her original one but about 20 miles from me.  But it's a country road 20 miles so it really doesn't take too much time to get there considering there aren't any stoplights or stop signs.  Oh....did I mention these stores are in Door County Wisc?  No???  Sorry!!  Yes, it's the "Door County Rubber Stamp Store".  Oscar has 1 in Sturgeon Bay which is open nearly all year long.  This is her original one where most of the magic happens.  She has her own design line which is only found in Door County as far as I know.   She also carries the largest line of "Northwoods Stamps"  If it's a Northwoods stamp she has it or can get it.  Her originals are totally awesome ranging from "Door County Kids" to "Angels" with lots in between.  There is also a huge selection of word stamps that you won't see elsewhere.  The second store is in Egg Harbor and a bit closer to me being only 9 miles away.  This new store carries nearly as many stamps.  Both stores offer other goodies such as inks, glitters, papers (Some pertaining directly to Door County) as well as very helpful staff.  You can check out their facebook page  HERE  
Now for my goodies....I got quite a few stamps with some great ideas in my head.  Here are the Northwoods collection I picked up this time:
I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to work on so I got some Christmas and some everyday.  I then picked up a few Christmas stamps from Oscars line.  So Stinkin' Cute!!
I also picked up 2 Dies.  I'm such a sucker for dies since I hate "Fussy" cutting.
Those little birds will look great on a birch tree stamp I have! 
I also need to  pick up 2 stamps for my ladies.  One was in "want" of the Easter baskets in a row from Northwoods and the other was in "want" of the Dogs howling at moon.  What I thought was a stamp with 3 dogs ended up being a dog, a cat, a squirrel and a rabbit.  Still cute though.  Hope she still wants it LOL!
And Last but not least.........I was so excited when we returned home to find my 2 free tickets to the Scrapbook Expo in my mail box!  I've never been and the ladies have been trying to get me to go for the last 2 years.  Maybe this year will be the one.   Well I need to get cutting....(pun intended).  I need to come up with a card for Friday night with my ladies.  Hmmmm..........Everyday?  Christmas?   Fall?  Fathers Day?   Not check back later.  Til then............................



  1. Great haul! We went to Door Co. 2 yrs ago for the first time ever- how beautiful- not sure why we have never made the trip before. I was able to stop in the shop in Sturgeon Bay and spent lots of time looking at everything- awesome place!

  2. It is awesome and our summer place over looks the lake. I have been going there since 1968. You should check out Oscars facebook page, she offers classes a couple times a year held at one of the resorts up there.