Thursday, September 3, 2015

New Stamping to me

Today I'm so excited to share with you my new love of stamping!  Stamping tiles that is!  I was at farmers market up north where they not only had farm goods but they also had crafty stuff.  One of the booths had these adorable coasters with images on them.  I looked closely and I realized one of the coasters actually had been stamped with a stamp that I already have!  Hmmmm...interesting...and they were selling for $19 per set of 4.  Hmmm...again!  So I thought????? I bet they used Stazon.  So as soon as I got home I dug out some stamps, went to the Home Depot where you can get a stack of these 9 for $3.99.

The one on the left is actually the same size as the one on the right it's just that the left is stacked 9 high.  These are 4x4" square tiles with no glaze on them ideal for coasters.  Not all the tile in the pack are the same, some are holier than others but they all work.
You must use Stazon for this project.  I am not sure how permanent other inks would be.   Wipe the tile with a dry cloth then ink your stamp and firmly press onto tile holding for about 10 seconds.  Lift straight up and set tile aside.  When all your stamping is completed, place tiles on the wire rack inside your cold oven.  Set temperature to 350* and bake for about 25 minutes.  Leave door closed at all times.  After 25 min. turn oven off and let it totally cool down BEFORE opening door.  Usually takes about an hour to cool down.  Tiles may still be quite warm after that (mine were).  I left mine in the oven after I turned it off for like 3 hours because silly me decided to clean!  LOL Then remove tiles to another cooling rack.  When tiles are completely cold attach little felt or cork pieces to backs so not to scratch furniture.  Put a set together with some ribbon wrapped around them and Voila!  Awesome gifts!!!
I cannot wait to try a whole bunch!!!  Guess what I'm giving for Christmas!!
Have fun with these!


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