Friday, March 11, 2016

Baby Mini Album

  Well the mini album madness continues!  LOL  I love making these and recently I have so many reasons to make a few.  First of all a friend of mine just became a grandma for the first time to a little girl.  She is so excited and sad at the same time because they do not live very fact if your from Illinois I believe Alaska is a bit far!  (just a tad).  Then My niece just found out that she is having a girl.  This will make 1 of each for her.  Then my sisters birthday is coming up so I thought...what the heck!  I'll make her a little album but instead of photos I'll use little words of wisdom.  And then of course why not make an interaction one with the Christmas theme!!!   Yep OBSESSED!!!!
  So with out further's the baby mini album.

  I am absolutely in love with this finished album!  I need to make another one for my niece right a way while I'm in the groove!  LOL    Hmmmmm...just had an idea....I never made a welcome baby card for my other niece who just had baby #3 and it's her 1st boy.  He's only a month old so maybe I'll make a baby's 1st Easter album card.   Going to get right on that...well maybe as soon as I write out the measurements for this card so I don't forget.
  Well that's it for now and a GREAT weekend!!

Til next time.................



  1. What a delightful gift for anyone with a new baby girl, Susan! I am sure that all the other themes you are planning will be stunning, as well! Beautiful work!

  2. Susan I love this. Couldn't think of my google info so I just clicked anonymous. Can't wait to finish mine.

  3. I love this one, too - the colors and patterns are just yummy. One of those items that you keep forever in the baby keepsake boxes :)

  4. This would be such a beautiful gift!