Monday, April 25, 2016

Red, White, Blue OSW

So today's post is all about the One Sheet Wonder card class for the nursing home residents.  I had decided to do RED, White, and Blue as our theme.  I needed to keep this super super simple so I used the easiest template I could find which was originally from Mae Collins seen HERE.  (note I did not use all the pieces, her template makes 9 cards and I had to keep it down to 3)  After I found a sheet of red and blue patterned paper I went to work cutting them out and arranging them for each set of cards. Only then did I realize that I forgot to include pieces for the samples.   Like I said I had pieces left over but none were for the cards we were making!  Duhhhh...what a dope!  LOL  So I had to find similar colors (thank goodness red and blue is easy) and make my samples which don't match what we are going to do but that's ok.
So here are some of the kits partially completed.  Each row is a different card.  The sample cards are a bit different from the pattern paper the residents will be using but they are just samples.  LOL
Card on the left is from the kit in the middle row on above picture.  The middle card is the kit on bottom row and the card on right is from kit on the top row.  I'm sure hoping this is a "YAY" from the residents.  
Well I'm now going to go enjoy the rest of a beautiful day.  Hope your getting sunshine where your at!



  1. I know the ladies will have fun with these great red, white, and blue kits, Susan! Bless you for all you do to bring some fun and cheer to their days!

  2. Oh, wow! This is going to be an awesome class! Great job, Susan!

  3. You are so funny- I would cut out 9 cards and forget DP for samples too- I think the cards will be awesome, and I seriously have to try the OSW. Bless you, the folks will love this!

  4. This is such a fun idea for a class! I haven't' done a lot of OSW's but it's something I really want to try some day!

  5. Oh Susan, what a trip down memory lane! I had long forgotten the OSW term - one I learned when I first stamped years upon years ago, now called CAS ..... love that!! This is an amazing project and I'm so honored to see the time you take to get these cards made with the folks. I am sure they appreciate it more than they let on :)