Monday, May 2, 2016

A Little Faerie DIY

Oh my gosh this is FUN!!!  I think I'm definitely addicted to Faeries!

And here's our first DIY.........................we saw these smooth black stones in other Faerie gardens that had Welcome written on them.  Well of course we can make those.  We also saw them at our local nursery and they were selling them for $3.99 each.  We needed at least 12!  11 for party and 1 for larger garden.  Well with a white paint pen I was able to make all of these "15" plus have 7 leftover rocks and only spent $1 for rocks and $2 for pen!  SCORE!!!
And now for DIY #2.
I saw on Pinterest one little garden that had little path lights.  So into my craft room I went and found some wire & beads.  I cut all my wires to 5.25" and with a pair of needle nose pliers made a little loop on one end.  I had these weird shaped gold bead things that I was able to separate the 3 little cups apart.  I used that as the top of the lantern and a red faceted bead as the light part. threaded them on the wire then used a pencil to form the hook part.  You can see my sample in the middle of the photo.
Since we want to have all pieces ready for the birthday party I put Tori to work assembling all the lanterns.  Plus some for her big garden.  The less construction these girls have to do the more time they can devote to decorating!  This DIY is a "Win Win" for us too.  There is NO COST for the lanterns.   That's do to the fact that I never threw out all my mothers beading supplies after she passed 12 years ago.  And my husband said I'd never use it!!! HA!  I showed him!  heeheehee

I think she did a good job.  Our next DIY will be signs and snails???  Yes she wants snails.  No idea where that came from.  I mean what 8yrs old wants snails in her Faerie Garden?  Well it will be interesting to figure out how to make them.  We shall see.......................

Until next time.....................


  1. So cute! I really like the fairy path lights!

  2. It's all in the details!! How awesome, Susan!

  3. Love the lanterns- such a creative idea!!!