Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fairies for my Granddaughter

All card crafting has been put aside to spend time with my granddaughter making a Faerie Garden.  I had promised her last year and we never got around to it so when she mentioned it again how could I refuse??  She then informs me she wants to have all her friends at her birthday party to make faerie gardens as the party favor!  Oh we go!!!  LOL  For Tori's (which is where we will start) we found a fabulous tray in the Boho section of Michaels.  All the Boho items were 50% off last week so that was a plus because the tray was $18.  We found a tray of succulents at Home Depot for $19.99 and it had 7 different plants in ti.  Yes I know that's kind of pricey for the plants and you can get much cheaper plants but my husband is a big fan of succulents and I guess if he didn't care about the price neither should I.  We bought a little chair, some really cool looking blue sparkle rocks for a stream and went to the nursery where they had a large selection of faerie houses.  Holy Moly those things are EXPENSIVE!!!!  I found 1 I liked and cringed at the $37.99 price tag.  I mean seriously it's just a resin house no bigger than those holiday houses for Christmas villages.  My husband then found some red sedum in a quart pot that was $19.99 and decided it would add color to the all green succulents.  So now I have spent around $90 and we have no added decorations!   Time to get creative!!!  I went to my Pinterest page where Tori pinned a few things she'd like in the garden.  We can definitely make a few of those!  Tomorrow after school we will sit down and start making our little add on items.  I will also take a picture of the items we have so far and post our progress.  I'm kind of excited!!!    So stay's going to be a magical adventure!!

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