Wednesday, May 4, 2016

First Garden Completed

Have you ever wondered how much room a Faerie needs?  Well if your working with an *yr old who has a vision of what she wants in her Faerie Garden you need a parcel of land about 4 feet x 6 feet!!!  A 16" diameter container ( which looked plenty big to me) did not fit all the things she wanted!  Its a good thing I have designated a corner of the side yard to put in another Faerie Garden so we can keep expanding her vision.  LOL  She wanted a pond and a stream, a path to a picnic area, an area for a little swing and a cloths line. She got the pond but none of the rest.  She did add her snail and path light and her welcome and inspirational rocks.  Her little sign post was also added.  My goodness that garden is stuffed!!

Her Grandpa helped so I could take pictures.

I think it's adorable and she is all excited
to make one under our lilac bushes after
her grandfather trims them up a bit.  She
also convinced me to add some stuff to our
secret garden up north at the cabin.  Told we are BOTH addicted!

Til next time!!!


  1. Thank you for taking us along on this magical journey, Susan! What a delight!

  2. This came out sooo cute What an imagination you both have. I love all of the little details

  3. What an enchanting project, Susan!! Oh so magical and colorful - I can see why this would be a favorite (and addicting!) Absolutely delightful ♥

  4. How fun and so neat to create with your Granddaughter! I love that you are already talking about the next one! I saw an entire shed at a local nursery devoted to mini fairy gardens..... Looking forward to seeing more that you create!!!

  5. How delightful! I love, love, love this idea!