Thursday, September 1, 2016


Well...............I know it's been a long time.  Crazy summer here, unfortunately not all good stuff but I got through the bad moments and it's time to brush off and get back to my obsessions!
So today we are talking glue!!  Well not really...... but the glue bottle tip.  Alot of people I know have been using the Art Glitter stainless steel glue tip (found here art glitter tips ) Many people use it on their Art Glitter Glue (found here art glitter glue)  for adding glitter details to their cards.  I love this tip!  I have used it on my Dollar Store liquid Adhesive (found here  dollar tree).  I have an obsession with this glue.  For a dollar it has held my cards together better than ANYTHING else I have ever used.  The tip goes on smoothly and I absolutely love the fine lines you can make.  One thing about this glue is you have got to work quickly as it dries real fast and once stuck it is STUCK!  But I work pretty quickly so that's OK for me.  Now back to the stainless steel tip. I had heard some reviews of the little pin getting stuck in the tip when left for a few days or another review of removing the tip and cleaning and then not being able to get the glue to come out like something is stuck.  Personally I have not had any problems with the tip on any glues I have used but I also remove the tip at the end of the day and clean it out.  I never gave a thought to the cleaning until one of the ladies in our group indicated that she was having a problem with her tip.  So to the sink I went running hot water through her tip but something was clogging it and I couldn't get it out.  I kept sticking that pin in through the top and then from underneath until finally a rock hard little ball of glue popped out.  What a pain!  Then once home and after using my glue I went to clean the tip and thought this why mine doesn't clog?  I have always used the little brush that came with my granddaughters Dr Brown bottles. (extra not the one I actually used on her bottles) These little brushes are to clean the flow devise inside the bottles. I don't remember why I started using it except 8 yrs ago it was sitting on the window sill and I just decided to use it I guess. (look for it here).   I have never had a clogged tip.  Now in all honesty I have NOT been using the Art Glitter Glue either.  No reason except the Dollar Tree Glue is cheaper!  And Hey I'm on a budget.  So the tip for the day is to clean your stainless steel tip (no matter what brand you may choose) and give the inside a little scrub with a Dr Brown brush!

Til next time

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  1. I am going to go check out that Dollar Tree glue, Susan! Sounds perfect to me!! I also think I have one of those tips on some masking fluid that I have never used. Off to check it out!