Saturday, October 1, 2016


So here's another one I found.  Though I no longer have the card I made with this template, you can probably figure it out if you refer to the Asian Screen card I made quite a bit earlier.   At the moment I just want to get these posted before I forget all together!  So here we go........................

Today's card took me forever to get down dimensions.  I saw this on line tutorial on how to decorate the screen cards from the Hunkydory Screen card pack called Eastern Promise.  I had earlier tried making a Screen Card and if you look back at the post  Asian Screen Card     you can see how that one turned out.  I really liked it and even decided to show the Stamp group how to make it.  Then I saw this one and "Oh My Gosh" !!!!!  Soooo pretty.  I was up for the challenge, So I sat down one afternoon and started measuring.  I penciled in numbers and lines everywhere.  Cut where I put cut lines and folded the others, only to find I was off by maybe 1/8 inch on one side and about 3/16" of an inch on the bottom center cut....DANG.  Back to square 1.  Next one I some how totally eliminated 1 whole section due to improper fold measurements and silly me folded and started cutting until I got  frame 3 done and realized there wasn't any frame 4.  Oh for "Pete's Sake"!!  I think I finally have the base of the card right.

cut on solid lines and fold on dash lines
See...I figured it out!  Whew!  LOL   So after cut and folding....and I know it looks complicated but really it not, The card is ready to have it's feet put on the bottom.  

Using a 2.5 label punch, center half of the label in each of the four sections.  This is done the same way as the original Asian Screen card I did earlier.  Should look like this:
Ignore all the number scribbles on there.  I wanted to use all my bloopers so as not to waste a ton of papers.  The label punch just gives you a little bit of elegance to the screen.
Now your ready to decorate.  Some measurements for some of the pieces are below.
I really need to think about how I want this one to turn out.  I keep leaning to butterflies because it seems to go with the Asian theme of a screen but I want different.  I like my cards to have multiple uses.  Unfortunately I started with pink DSP because I needed another birthday card (figures).  So as much as I would like to do something totally off the beaten path I think Flourishes and Flowers will adorn this card.  Because of the "I" shape of the template I decided not to double up on the paper and just use 1 layer of DSP.  

Enjoy and 


  1. Such an interesting fold - thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Thanks for the measurements and pictures! I can't wait to see how your card turns out!