Friday, November 11, 2016

Scrap Holiday Tags

Hello!!!  Long time...I know sorry.  Life got crazy with medical issues of my daughter in law and we had the birth of a new granddaughter.  Who, by the way, is totally a doll!  I get lots of baby-grandma time with her and just love all the cuddling.
So slowly, I am getting back into my craft room and I started with making some Christmas gifts.  Sorry can't post those!  heehee  Santa wouldn't approve but what I can post are the lovely tags I was able to make from my scraps.  First I made a trip to the Dollar Tree to get some file folders.  These can turn out at least 80 tags when cut up.  You get 10 folders in a pack. Take 1 folder, cut off the tabs (save these to make grommets) and cut the folder in half.  Then cut each piece into 2 3/4 x 6 1/2 tags.  These are large so you will get 4 from each half folder. Totally 80 if you do them all this size.   I love this size tag and it is the one I use the most.  Another great medium size is 2 3/4  x  5 1/2 and a smaller size of 2 3/4 x 4. You should be able to get 10 tags from each half if you use these sizes and that would be a whopping 100 tags from just one $1 pack!!!  Now that's a deal!
The 5 tags on the bottom right are the 6 1/2" long ones.  Top and middle are the 5 1/2" ones and the 4 on the bottom left are the 4" long ones.
The grommets on all of these I made by cutting out 3/4" circles and punching a hole in the middle and they turn out nearly perfect.  I'm a strong believer that your tags need the extra support for the ribbon, jute, yarn or whatever you choose to use. 
 In the next few days I hope to share some scene cards that I'm from a you tube video I saw.  I'm trying to figure out all the dimensions before I post and I will put up the link to the video then too.  Sooooo stay tune and til then................................



  1. It looks like you are ready to do some Christmas wrapping, Susan! These tags are fabulous!!

    1. Now if only I had some gifts to wrap! LOL

  2. Well Susan you certainly have been busy ! Your packages will be looking smashing this holiday with these beautiful tags :) congratulations on your new granddaughter ❤️

  3. WOW! Some amazing tags there! You've been busy using up your stash!