Sunday, January 22, 2017

Pocket Cards

While on the Internet I noticed that there are a few You Tube videos that have shown up in my stuff.  The videos are all on Pocket Pages.  I didn't even know what a pocket page was so of course I had to investigate.  Well I tried.......but no one really said what you actually do with these pages.  I get it that you mail them to other people with little "Do Dads" and that some are actually themed but........................  What do you do with it when you receive it?  Ok obviously you can use the "Do Dads" but then what?  Do you make a special album to hold these pocket pages or do you reuse the pockets and send to someone else?  Just didn't make sense to me.
So I liked the concept of sending someone little "Do Dads" and I decided that instead of a "Pocket Page" I'd make a "Pocket Card".  Concept is kinda of the same.  Then again since I don't understand Pocket Pages maybe this is NOT the same concept.  LOL
So I started with a book type Z fold card.  As far as I know I made the template myself as I have not seen anything on line like this but if you did it first please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.  I started out with 2 pieces of card stock measuring 8.5" x 7.5".  Then on the long side I scored at 3.75",  4.25"  and  8" on both pieces. I glued the end 1/2" of both pieces and formed a Z fold type of card.

DSP was used on each panel measuring 3.5 x 7.25.  You need 8 pieces of this size and 6 pieces .25 x 7.25" for the little spines.  Then just make coordinating pockets or matchbooks or what ever can hold a "Do Dad".    Here's the finished project.  I added a few dangling beads just for pizazz!  LOL

I made some tiny bows and taped them to some acetate and clipped it to the border trim using tiny clothespins.  A small pocket holds a few fibers.  Some Washi in a match book and Swirl die cuts in a flip up are all on the inside.  For the outside I made a large side pocket to hold a small bag of buttons and then there is an envelope pocket with more die cuts and a few tags tucked behind the envelope.
So I decided to send this to a new friend.  This was so much fun and I know I will make more.  If I was smart I wouldn't have told my friend June about it because I could have made one for her.  Maybe next idea!  Kind of wish I didn't have to send it but I know Linda will appreciate it.  Til next time...



  1. What a unique fold/style of card. Thank you so much for the instructions.

  2. How much fun is this!! I know Linda will have a blast discovering all the do dads you have hidden in these fun pockets, Susan! Sensational design!

  3. How amazing is this!!!! What a craft project - from top to bottom, start to finish, I kept scrolling back so not to miss any part of it. WOW, this is one forever keeper! So detailed and fabulous and unique!

  4. And I thoroughly enjoyed receiving it! So much work and such an awesome surprise. I am so glad though that I didn't see in on this blog until I had received it. Would have ruined the surprise. This craft is so fun to share with others, even miles and miles apart. Enjoying our new friendship so much! Sincerely, Linda P.