Sunday, January 8, 2017

Too Early for Valentines Day?

Hello!!  Ever look at a calendar and say "Wow it's still ____________?  I usually say "Wow time is flying"  But today I looked at the calendar and said."it's only January 8th?"!  I swear it feels like it's been January forever.  It's been super cold in my neck of the woods.  Sub zero with windchill around -19.  The grandkids have been restless so this weekend we had a craft day.  They decorated my chandelier for Valentines Day and made a Valentine mobile.  We will decorate the mantle later this week.  May as well enjoy the holiday!  My granddaughter informed me that the red Christmas placements just won't work as the red for Valentines day!  I guess the red plaid is just a bit too Christmasy so we are going to try and find a runner maybe for Valentines Day.  That girl had to be stopped!!!  She wanted to plaster red hearts all over my walls and windows.  She definitely has the crafting fever!  LOL  
Here are the projects of the day:

Hopefully this will satisfy her crafting urges for a while and maybe I can get back on track with cards.  So check back again later and hopefully I'll have a new card for you.
Til then stay warm and................................



  1. I used to make these with my grade school children. We would hang them from the ceiling grids all over the classroom. Your grandkids did an excellent job, Susan!

  2. How charming, Susan - what a delightful look to the chandelier! They look easy and fun and pacify the young AND young at heart! Well done! ♥