Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Year End Round Up #2

Hi!!!  Well another day in the craft room and a few more forgotten things found.  Funny but I'm still not done cleaning!  Every notice how distracted you get in your craft room?  I start trying to sort and organize and then BAM!!!  I start punching out some labels or flowers or hearts etc. just so I don't have to throw out that little tiny scrap of purple polka dot paper or what ever scrap!  I just can't help myself!  I'm cleaning and then all of a sudden I say "Hey wait..... I bet Laura at the nursing home would like some of this!" and then there I go again....distracted!  At this rate I seriously believe that it will take me a month to clean up the mess I made 4 months ago(sigh).
Anyway on to what I found.  First a couple Christmas cards that I totally forgot about.  Both of these were not my design but rather ones I made in my card group.  Both totally cute and now I'm sad they didn't make it in the mail this year.  For sure they will make it next year because they are finally being put in the Christmas card box where all my finished cards should be!

Another 2 Christmas ones found had some issues that I needed to address and never did. first up the snowman card.  This was also done in our group.  It was actually from a kit that one of the ladies brought and was super super simple.  Although I liked it, I had wanted to add a bit more to it.  It needed some sort of sentiment on the front and maybe a little bling but of course I didn't get to it and it never made it into the Christmas card box. 

 Neither did the other one here.  This Card had some issues.....First the die cut weird...see the little white spots in the corners when the card is closed.  That is not suppose to be there.  Second I hated the paper!  It cracked on the folds.  Now as for the Stamp???  I loved the Old lady!!  I only kept this card as a reminder to try it again.

Next I found 2 Birthday cards......Why these didn't make it into the finish box is beyond me!  LOL  Guess it's another case of "I'm too lazy to reach up on the shelf for the box"!  The one on the left is an Anna Griffin inspired.  Both of these were made in my group.   Hmmmm.....starting to see a pattern here!  LOL  Seems group cards are not making it into the box.  What's up with that!!!
Then there's this one.....cute cute cute idea but............................never completed.  Its a baby card that looks like a dresser.  Definitely needs more something.  I did this in the group too.  One of the other ladies brought in the supplies and I must have been too busy talking to actually finish it.  See I told you a Pattern!
And now just in time for Valentines day I find this one..................and...................I don't like it!  TOO MUCH RED.  This card really has to be toned down a bit.  Although I love love love the stamp.  That little hedgehog is so darn cute and I love his guitar!  Going to do a "do over" on this one for sure.  I should have colored the stamp too.  heehee would think this should be enough right?????  Well................So far I have managed to fill this basket with a ton of leftover card kits I had made for our group and the nursing home! 

 A good percentage of them are Christmas cards.  I guess I have a New Years goal after all and that is to complete or give away every last card in this basket!  I'm pretty sure each one of the bags in there have all the pieces for making at least 1 full card.  Most I believe have multiple cards in the bag.             Hmmmmm..............................maybe I'll do a blog give-a-way!  I'm going to have to think this through so keep checking out my blog for updates!

Til later............


  1. Wow Susan - this is an amazing line up of cards!! Each and every one a beauty - and that dresser drawer card just blows me away! Such a fun post - your creativity is over the top!

    1. So sweet to praise even the ones I said I wasn't crazy about...LOL

  2. Susan, your wrap up cards are fabulous... and your goal is a good one. I wish you luck... and will look forward to seeing pictures of your accomplishment.

  3. Each of these are so close to being finished. I know in your talented hands and a quick addition or two you will be ready to send these beauties on their way, Susan. I keep a box where I throw cards like this and pull it out to browse through when I need a card pronto!