Saturday, February 4, 2017


Hello!!  What a sunny day we have here and boy we had been missing the sunshine!  We actually only had 7 days in the entire month of January that had peeks of Sun!  That is horrible!😞😞 Our first 3 days of February have been SUNNY!  Yay....but really cold!  Guess you can't have everything.
So last night I got together with 2 of my carding Gals to a fun night of crafting.  Originally one of them had planned a Christmas card, and I brought things to make a few more Valentines and the other had some Christmas cards too.  OK well she had partial Christmas cards.  She brought bases and the 1st layer of DSP. For 5 different cards for each of us!  It kind of felt like I was on the cooking show "Chopped"!  "Here's you card base in green and a piece of DSP....your time starts........ "Now"!  LOL!  I had to do this 5 different times and using items not in my craft room but in someone else's with supplies they have.  Well I did the best I could and this is what we all ended up with.

As you can see everything is basically in the same color family.  I'm not sure what is cherry cobbler and what is real red or what is jellybean green.  I am not Stampin Up educated.  I never really learned the names of the colors so I can't really help you decipher what color is on what card....sorry.  I think any red or any green will work just fine.  Go for colors you like.  Go for simplicity.  Less is more in some cases and with these cards there will be no extra postage needed and that's a big plus!

Well that's all for now....check back later for some New Valentines.  Some for the kids and some Shabby Chic!  My fave!

Til next time



  1. Sounds like ya'll had a blast, Susan! Another fabulously fun thing to do with your crafty friends. And the result was 5 great Christmas cards for next year's stash!

  2. I love easy Christmas ! Are just rocking the great ideas and the wonderful posts, my friend!
    With three of our four children having December birthdays I need everything quick and easy during December LOL!