Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Edge Punch Tip

Here I go  I wrote this a few weeks ago, forgot,, went on a little get-away, came home and said "OOPS".  Well instead of re-writing it I'm just going to post it.  So here's the weather from 2 weeks ago!'s mid February, the groundhog said there is 6 more weeks of winter but we have been having super mild temps here in Chicagoland. Windy????  Yes  Rainy??? Sometimes.  Freezing???
A day or two.  But mostly temps in the 30's which is mild for us and this weekend they are predicting 60!!  OMG...get out the bathing suits!!  LOL  No joke...some Chicagoans really do in 60 degree weather.
So yesterday I got my package from Anna Griffin.  I had ordered 2 sets of edger punches.  Each set came with 3 different punches.  As I sat there looking at them and wondering how they look punched I realized that I often wonder what all my edgers look like punched out and never remember the next time I want a fancy edge.  Soooo...I decided to make a little index.  I grabbed ALL my edger punches and separated them by company.  Then I took 1 company at a time and punched a strip from each punch.  Then on laminating pouches I wrote the name of the company on top, numbered each strip, numbered each punch with matching strip number.  I closed the pouch and ran it through my laminator.  Here's a start of what I got.
I had to actually lay these on paper so you could see since they are just plain clear pouches.  I still have to do EK border punches and Recollection.   
I'm going to punch a hole in the left corner and slide them onto a metal shower clip I got from the Dollar Tree.  Then it can hang right by the desk.  I thought it was a clever idea.  Now if any of my friends are looking for a particular design I don't have to load up all my punches they can just browse through my sheets!
Here's the finished project hanging.
Now when ever I want an edge I can see exactly what it will look like punched.  Of course this means that I am going to have to keep all my punches organized so I can find the right one...LOL  I should do this for more of my punches....Hmmmmmm.............

Til next time 


  1. What a great idea, Susan!! I love how you have organized these. With just a quick look, you can decide which edge works best for your design!!

  2. This is such a great idea!!! I love that you have indexed them and they are viable to you while you are working- thanks for a great tip!

  3. You are a genuius! Perfect idea to be stamped and ready ! There some super cute border punches :)