Saturday, May 20, 2017

Heartfelt Woodsy Wonderland Card

Good Day!   Today I have a Heartfelt Creation card to share with you.  The inspiration was taken from this card seen HERE  Now although there are directions to follow, I had found that it was not for a standard size card.  So the dimensions I have are a bit different.  First I'd like to share the card so here it is........................
Now for those directions.  But first a funny story.  It took my friend and I nearly 3 hours to get it right.  Was it difficult?  No....should have been super easy!  But one sample after another turned out 1/8" off.  Is that a huge problem?  Only if your as anal as we are!!!  LOL  The whole 1/8" was due to operator error thinking that to score a 4 1/4 piece in half somehow equals a score line at 2 1/4"!  DUH????  Since when does 2 1/4 plus 2 1/4 equal 4 1/4?????   Yep ....took us 4 tries to realize it was suppose to be 2 1/8.  Sometimes I'm not sure where our brains go to.  LOL

So here's what you need

1  piece heavy cards stock for base cut at 5.5" x 8.5"

Heartfelt Creations Woodsy Wonderland papers of your choice
Heartfelt Creation matching stamps and dies

With 5.5 length at top of cutter measure over to the 1" mark.  Move blade to the 2 1/8" mark and cut down to 6.5" mark.
Slide paper over to the 2 1/4" line and then repeat your cut from 2 1/8" mark down to the 6.5" mark.

Now With long side of cardstock at top of score board score at 2 1/8",   4 1/4"
fold as shown.
The biggest problem with this card is that each piece has to be custom cut.  Not so difficult for most pieces because they are straight but the far right side of the card is an odd shape.
My pieces are all cut about 1/8" smaller as I'm not a huge fan of 1/4" borders.  Here are the piece sizes I used.  Please be sure to measure your  base before cutting DSP.

(1)        2" x  5 3/8"
(1)        2" x  3 3/8"
(1)        2" x  7/8"
(2)        2" x  1 1/8"
(1)        4 1/8" x 5 3/8" with notch cut out to fit right side of card.

After DSP is attached....Embellish Embellish Embellish!!!  Fussy cut, add sparkle, color accents, use foam squares for height etc.  

Will I make this one again???  Probably.  Maybe I'll learn some short cuts for that right side of the card.  Maybe not.  Maybe this is the only way to get it straight?  Anyway one thing for sure the next one will not take me 3 hours to make the base!  LOL

Thanks for stopping by and until next time..............................................



  1. What a work of love of crafting and fussy cutting! LOL love your story about measurements! What a hoot! Beautifully done!

  2. Susan, you've done it! Another impressive fold and beautiful card! WOW!!!

  3. I love this awesome card, Susan, and I know I will give it a try on one of my Fun Fold days!! So very beautiful! Why must measurements be so precise?? My OCD would keep me cutting and cutting until I had it right, as well, with a mountain of discarded paper at my side!!