Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Non-Card Halloween

So I decided to post a non card Halloween greeting.  I was looking for a Halloween craft to do with my granddaughter and saw these Halloween blocks at a craft show.  They looked super easy so I thought what the heck a 6 year old can do this along with a little help from my Cricut for the letters.

The blocks are just scrap 2 x 4's that I had my husband cut into 5" pieces.  We painted the sides with Black acrylic paint and then picked out some printed Halloween card stock and cut it to fit.  Ours were cut 3.5 x 5 but all 2 x 4's are different and not true 2x4 so cut your papers according to your block size.  We then went to my Cricut and using the Plantain School cartridge we cut out 3" letters to fit on the block.  We liked the way the blocks with the O's on them looked sideways but you could place them upright.   These sit on our fireplace mantles along with some wooden pumpkins and wooden candy corns for decoration.   Whats also cool about these is that you can reverse them for Christmas.
Back side of BOO
Same blocks .... different season!  Pretty cool huh?  My granddaughter loved making these and we just might make a few more for gifts.  I was thinking of using 4 blocks instead and have 1 side read FALL  and the other Noel.  
Well that's my little non card greeting.  Just wanted to share!


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