Thursday, October 2, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree!

Another day...another Christmas!  This stamp is certainly getting a work out!  Then again it could because I only brought 3 stamps with me to the cabin.  LOL  This one I really don't like much and I will be re-doing it in the future.  I tried to make a scallop on the side using a salt shaker for the template and a razor knife to cut it.  First it's way too large of a scallop and secondly cutting with a razor knife stinks!  Or maybe I just stink at using a razor knife which is definitely possible.  

  To hide all my bloops when I cut the scallops I added little dashes to them.  Not my best idea for sure and then I had made a slight score, in order to keep scallops even, that I thought I could press out but that failed too.   Now looking at it I guess I should have also dashed the banner so it stands out more but........

  This card is definitely a would of, should of, could of!  LOL.  I guess we can't get it right all of the time and I just thought I'd share my mistakes.  We all make them right?  
  I think I'm going to go through my granddaughters decorative scissors and grab a few for the cabin so I have a few more options.  She'll never miss them!

  Back to the drawing board........lets see what I want to do next.  Until then..........................


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