Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Oh my goodness I can't believe that it's been nearly a month since my last post!!!  I'm going to call this my "CATCH UP TUESDAY".  There has been so much going on over here.  Mostly colds sweeping through the household and spreading on to the grandkids and into their homes. :(  Then of course the week of Thanksgiving, being grandkid free, I had a ton of errands and though I did not participate in the Black Friday madness I did do alot of Internet shopping which of course made my fingers achy.  LOL  Ok maybe a bit of an exaggeration.  Anyway "Onward and Forward"!!  Cards cards cards!!!
  So June and I got together one evening and made 2 really awesome cards I believe both cards are C.A.S.E.'d.  The pine cone one was from Dawns Stamping thoughts.  I didn't have the Stampin up set that she used but a quite similar one from Hero Arts.  But we did the same technique.  Which was to versa mark the entire card and emboss it with sparkly embossing powder.  Beautiful!  I wanted to make more happened!  hahaha.
The snowflake one, I believe June C.A.S.E.'d from Stampin up.  If I'm wrong I'm sure she'll tell me!  LOL  The stamp set is from Stampin Up and I love it.  I just might have to borrow this one from her.
  I had then put together a couple more styles of paper bag cards.  I made enough of the pieces for our card group to assemble during one of our gatherings before Thanksgiving.
The first one I really like the simplicity of.  I got the Santa's at an Antique store in Door County back in September.  I had no clue as to what I was going to use them with and came up with this. 

The next one is similar to the one I posted in the post entitled Paper Bag Card.  The card group was just shown this example as we instead made the first card listed in the above post.
Then a few of the ladies brought supplies for us all to make the following.  Awesome!!!

I love the size of the Snowflake card!  And the vintage Children on the red and white card just screamed "Stamp more of these"!!!  So I did to do later.  Love them all!!
Ok I think I'm caught up.  Now I need to start addressing envelopes and get all these beauties into the mail!!  But first....I think I need to get more Christmas shopping done!

Till later (and hopefully it won't be a month later haha)


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