Saturday, January 31, 2015

Easiest Valentine

Hi Card makers!  The evening is nearing and we are getting ready for maybe our first "Big" snow of the year.  We have had so little that it's kind of exciting that we may actually be getting a good amount.

I don't think I've mentioned that June and I are now organizing and carrying out monthly crafts at a local Nursing home.  It has been so much fun and the residents there really enjoy it alot.  They are having a Valentines Day Party for family and friends and we had decided that maybe they would like to make some valentines themselves.  All supplies are prepared by us and they just have to put together.  There are various skill levels but they are all quite limited.  Most have suffered strokes or seizure and have lost the ability to use both hands, what use they do have is quite limited on some.  Others have various degrees of Alzheimer's.  Our craft days are therapeutic for fine motor skills as well as attention spans.  So "On with the Craft"!

Budget is of the utmost!  To make the cards look professional we wanted envelopes.  So instead of card envelopes we decided to make our own and use letter size envelopes.  We got a box of 40 from the dollar store and decided to create our cards to fit these envelopes.  June is also designing a 4 x 4 card that I will share later and we will make envelopes for those with old paper we no longer want.

So here's what I got so far.  I showed these examples to June and I think we might be doing the one on the far left and maybe #3.  We can't give them too many choices so it needs to be minimal.  These cards fit into letter size envelopes.  Finished base size is 3.25 x 6.25.  For alittle bling I used sequins.  As you can see pretty simple. and can be done with scraps and inexpensive envelopes from the dollar store.  Hope you can find some use in these samples.  Can't wait to see what June comes up with!  I'll let you know!!  Til then...........


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