Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Easter????? Really????

So it was brought to my attention that I have ignored the free papers that come in one of my magazines.  I Ab-So-Lutely (I meant to type it that way heehee) LOVE Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine and Quick Cards magazine from the UK.  They're kind of pricey here in the US but well worth it.  Along with great card examples and step by step directions there are a few freebie papers in the middle of the magazine.  These papers are of the same in thickness and texture as the rest of the magazine which is probably why I have never used them.  I always thought of them as super lightweight wrapping paper and I would never use wrapping paper on my cards so I have ignored them too.  The magazines also give you a few card ideas to use those papers with.  In the past I have used the ideas but with different papers.  So this year my resolution is to go through every one of my magazines and use up all the free papers inside!

Soooooo.......last night June came over and I randomly picked a magazine off the shelf.  It was the April 2010  issue of  Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine and the papers happen to have been for Easter.
The card ideas and remaining papers

  Well alrighty then, Easter it is!  There were 4 different patterns though each one is only about 8x5ish and we both wanted to make the same card so we had to change up the original sample card a bit so that we had enough for 2 cards.  We also added a little BLING to our flowers.  I LOVE BLING!!  So here's what we got.

Now we still have 3 more patterns to do but last night we just didn't have time so I will probably make the remaining 3 by myself and post those later.  If you happen to be able to see either of these magazines by all means check it out.  I can't praise these enough.  Oh and did I mention that each magazine also comes with another Freebie?  The company includes a special surprise with every magazine.  Always changing but it could be special designer paper pack, stamps sets exclusive to the magazine (awesome!!!) framelet dies, decoupage papers, embellishments...the list goes on and on!  Now if that doesn't entice you I don't know what will!  LOL  Check out their web site too.
Enjoy and until later........................


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  1. How cute is that patterned paper. Love how you used it on your card and the die cut used for your sentiment.