Saturday, April 25, 2015


Goodness................May is coming and so are graduations!  I can't believe I know 4 different graduates this year.  I hope I'm not forgetting any one.    My niece is graduating from the University of Michigan U.P. majoring in Sociology.  A smarty pants like her should be able to figure out this card!  Hahahaha.
I decided on a Never-ending card and wanted to make it large so it's an 8x8.  I followed a tutorial on the Scrap girls blog.  She made a Easter card that is so adorable.  You can find her tutorial Here
Mine is made using a sheet of black and a sheet of white both measuring 8x8 with each sheet of 8x8 then cut in half so you will end up with Two 4x8's of white and Two 4x8's of black.  The DSP's I used were all leftovers from friends so I have no clue where they came from.  The stamps used were all from Stampin Up sets.   So ......... let's take a look at the finished card.  I have photo's of each of the 4 sides.  Now keep in mind that after seeing those 4 sides you could always flip the card over and look at those same 4 sides but they take on a different perspective from the back side.  I only photographed the front sides.
CONFUSED?????   Yep me too!!!  LOL

Hopefully Rissa will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.  Well that's all for now.....I have a lot more grad cards to make so til later.........................


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