Sunday, April 26, 2015


Hello again.....time more more Graduation cards.  This time they are for my Twin nephews.  They are in Special Ed and are now graduating from High School.  These boys are Awesome!  I get to spend time with them every summer at my cottage where they come with my brother and sister in law for a 4th of July week of fun!  We are right on the water so the kids all enjoy the privacy of our beach daily.  I can't believe they are now young adults, though they are quite a bit taller than I am at my measly 5'2" vs their 6'+...:)  So I made matching cards.  
I followed a video by Do Stamping with Dawn find it Here Very easy to follow and a real quick card to make.  I made 2 in no time at all!  Here they are...perfect for my Awesome nephew twins!

Well I have another card to get done hope I find some inspiration soon.  Maybe I should make some extras so I don't have to make as many next year.  I know...I know ...4 is not that many!  Guess I'm just not really in the mood for graduation cards LOL.  Well you'll hear from me soon because I want to make a Christmas card but I swore I wouldn't make any until I'm finished with my Grad cards. Oooooo....then I need to get going on Mother's Day!  YIKES!!!!


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  1. I love the fold and composition of htis card. Well done.