Friday, January 22, 2016

BINGO Valentine

Hello!!  It has been so refreshing to start working on things other than my Christmas cards.  Although I LOVE Christmas, after months of making Christmas cards, Christmas Tags, Christmas Gifts..I am sooo ready for something FRESH! Like....VALENTINES DAY!!

Over the summer I was at a local antique mall (not all were antiques..whats up with that?) and I came across this cute vintage looking Valentine.
Very cute for hanging on a cabinet knob or door knob.  I got to thinking hey I have some BINGO Cards.  The game ball itself is broke so what the heck might as well use the cards.  My cards are not vintage looking and although I tried to vintage them up with ink, it didn't really work since there is a semi gloss finish on the cards.  So I just adapted!  Made mine brighter.  It worked out ok.  If I had some vintage clip art I'd be on the move shopping for old BINGO cards and I still might but for right now these will do.  Here's what I came up with.
LOL...just noticed the "Love" on my bow is upside down!  Next time I guess I should tie it upside down so it's right side up!  Oh well here's another version.  
I like them all but my favorite has to be the vintage one.  Think I'll go check ebay!  LOL

Til later

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