Saturday, January 23, 2016


Oh for Pete's Sake.......I posted the Birthday card before the gift.  I sure hope she doesn't see that post before she gets it.  I'm such an Airhead sometimes!!  LOL

Putting a little spin on things.  I saw someone on YouTube make one of these travel cases using a hard wood stamp case from Stampin up and I thought...wait a minute I have a bunch of old VHS tapes that I could easily get rid of since I no longer own a VCR.  So here's what I did.  I slipped the movie insert out from the plastic sleeve on out side of the case and used as a template.  Everyone has a ton of DSP in their stash so just picked out a pretty pattern.  Inserted back into the out side sleeve and decorated it with little doodads.  My husband drilled the holes for the cabinet handle.  Then for the inside I attached a magnetic sheet with some double sided tape to the left hand side and on the right covered a piece of cardboard with the reverse side of the paper and made a little pocket.  This is perfect for carrying small items to a crafting night with friends.  Or it can just look pretty on a shelf storing small embellishments or color pencils and markers.
So now off you go.......go find and old VHS case and make a cute little tote.  This one I'm giving to a friend of mine filled with some fun stuff for her Birthday.  Hope she likes it!!

I already know what I'm making for my other friend who's birthday is coming up but shhhhh........ She reads this sooooo. Your going to have to wait until I give it to her.  Lets just say it's a cute....................nope can't even give a hint!  LOL

Til next time

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  1. Such a fun idea- have not seen this ever before! Love the idea of adding the magnet sheet inside.