Saturday, December 17, 2016

Gift wrap time

Quick stop in to share a little idea I had for this years wrapping.  So many of us use those paper gift bags for wrapping.  I agree they are convenient.  Especially for large items like coats, or certain toys like trucks that just don't wrap right.  This year I have been shopping with more and more of the re-usable bags when going to the grocery store.  I got so tired of always having a ton of plastic bag laying around the house.  Now some store bags are not pretty.  They are made of some sort of weird material that kind of feels like gauze.  But other stores have these GREAT, colorful, very sturdy bags.  For example Trader Joe's.  I bought a couple of their bags a few years ago and LOVE them.  They hold alot and are pretty.  Another place near me is the Fresh Market.  Their bags are also very pretty.  During the holidays I usually always end up buying a few gift bags for gifts but this year I decided to get the re-usable shopping bags.  This way the recipient gets a gift with the gift!  Cleaver right????  And as fate would have it Trader Joe's came out with brand new designs on their bags!!!  Yay for me!!  Since I usually spend around $1.99 for those paper gift bags, seeing that these Trader Joe ones were only 99 cents made me extremely happy!  Here's what I got:
Now this is just the one side...The picture is different on the reverse side as will as the sides when you open them!  So awesome.
So this year when people use their gift that the gift was bagged in I hope they think of me and say "Wow this was a great idea".
That's it for now.........I highly suggest you run out now to your local stores and take a peek at what they have to offer in the way of re-usable bags. Its a gift that will keep on giving.  The environment will like it too.



  1. This is a fabulous idea, Susan! I love and collect those shopping bags, too, but never thought of using them instead of wrapping paper. I am going to give this a try as well!!

    1. This makes my post all worthwhile knowing someone else is going to try this too!

  2. What a great idea- you are brilliant! Thanks for the idea~

  3. Susan, these are perfect! I like where you shop! Trader Joes is a bit of a drive but SWOON, love it in there. Perfect idea - you ROCK!