Thursday, December 15, 2016

Quickie Little Gifts

OMG...I'm so sorry...this is another late post but written a week ago.  I couldn't find the finished product for a picture.  I probably already gave it away so I quickly made another 2 so I could photograph them.  LOL  Another senior moment or the Christmas season is getting the best of me!

So it's very cold here and the snow we got last Sunday it still here. It was the first measurable snow this season.   Funny the weathermen kept saying that my area would be getting about 2.5" and we ended up with close to 7"!!  I don't think many were prepared.  I still need to go get some salt because we didn't have much left.  There is also a cold snap heading our way.  I guess it's about time winter arrived.  We have been pretty luck with the most awesome fall!  Beautiful weather right through November! A new storm is brewing for the weekend.
With a cold front coming and me being one who would rather stay in, I decided to make little gifts for those who need to be out in this weather.  Whether be a Mail deliverer (like my PC??  LOL) or just people in general who must go to work.  So I'm making little packet covers for a tea bag.  I mean who doesn't like to snuggle up with a hot cup of tea?  Ok maybe some of you don't like tea but this could work for hot cocoa too!
Here's what you'll need:  
1  12x12 double sided DSP
1/4" score tape
scrap white, red or green card stock
Sentiment stamp of choice
corner rounder
2", 1 3/4" and 1 " circle punch
Label punch
From 1 sheet of paper you will get 3 tea folders.  Cut you 12x12 into 3 strips measuring 3 3/4" x 9 3/4".  Save scraps you will need them.  Next score each strip at 3 1/4" on both short sides.  As in below photo. 

 Fold on score lines and on last third cut off top piece to form triangle pocket.  (see above Photo)

Use score tape on bottom of triangle and fold inward to form pocket for tea bag.  Now just decorate!  If you want the piece you cut off can be used as a second pocket on the opposite side.  The bottom image shows that the inside has 2 triangle pockets.  Hope its not confusing.  
If you don't have any double sided DSP use what you have.  Fold the paper with printed side on inside and then cut 3x31/2 pieces of coordinating print and glue to white side of paper.  Example of that is in photo below.

Slip your tea bag into the pocket and your done.  Great little thing to give to bus drivers too.
I think I may have the grand kids make a few of these to give out and I'll make some for my D.I.L. to hand out at the school she teaches at.  After all the janitors should get a little something and the other teachers just might find one in their mail slots!

Have fun and til next time...........................



  1. Wow! What a special treat it would be to receive this card! Thanks for showing how it's made!

  2. Such a quick and cute idea to share a little holiday spirit with friends and coworkers!! Thanks for the directions, Susan!

  3. Cute idea- and I will use this- I love tea : )