Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Baby Tri Shutter

Well it sure didn't take long to make another Tri-Shutter card.  These cards are so easy to make and when you add different papers they almost look like totally different folds.  I had just found out that my cousin has a new grand-baby!!  How exciting for her.  She has been quite busy taking care of the other grandkids while her daughter was in the hospital and called me to say she needs a girls night out.  LOL  Yep grandkids can be exhausting!  So we are meeting up later this week and I wanted to give her a congratulations card.  I didn't have much boy stuff here but I did have some leftovers from my grandsons 1st year album.  A Tri -Shutter is easy to decorate because alot of times it's all about the shape not the embellishments.
I have no idea where the papers or the animals came from since they were all leftovers.  I added a little glitter for enhancement.  I like the turn out but if I was to critique it I'd say Hippos don't just float in the air and giant leaves don't drop out of clouds.  LOL
I found some Christmas paper in the China Cabinet (come on....isn't that where you keep yours?????😃😃) so I think I'll now make a Christmas one.  I'll post that next.

Til later



  1. WOW! Your card is fabulous!

    I have to tell you, this fold/design scares me... but you seem to make it look GREAT!

  2. Such an adorable card for your cousin's new grandson!! I know she will treasure this wonderful reminder of this wonderful life event, Susan!

  3. Hello Susan, Thank you for your comment. I think I can recall the card you asked about but it was some time ago now I'd say years. There are more than 1300 posts on my blog please forgive me for not searching through the all to help. I will keep it in mind and if there is a free time period I'll look then and let you know. Kind regards Zoe

  4. I love your flying hippo! And, your leaves too- you are a stitch. I think they look great, and I love this baby themed card! I bet your cousin will want this displayed on the little ones dresser- or where ever it will not be chewed on eventually..... my son chewed and put everything in his mouth!!!