Sunday, April 23, 2017

Last Minute Birthday Card on earth do I get sooo unorganized???  Had a kids birthday party to go to and I went to get the gift out of the closet and noticed NO CARD!  Dang it...we were going to be leaving in a half hour!  Not wanting to go down to the craft room I went instead into the closet of Misc stuff!   Am I the only one who has one of these???  You know what I mean don't you?  A closet where you toss everything you have left all over the house from doing some sort of craft when you find out company is coming.  Well mine keeps getting more and more stuffed.😨😨😨  Anyway found some rose colored card stock and some hot pink Designer scraps.  One look at it and you think No WAY.  Cannot go together.  That's like trying to be a Victorian Hippy!  I think I am one!  Heehee  Well I used it anyway.  Then found some Owls that were punched from a calendar, some leftover clouds, googlie eyes, and a few glitter hearts(yellow) from Valentines day.  Pale blue ribbon and some orange and yellow present border punch.   Sounds awful right???  Yeah if I were to tell anyone to get those supplies and colors and said make me a card I could give away....they would laugh. it is.  A Tri Shutter multi colored Owl Birthday card!

Definitely not my best work but for a last minute card for an 8yr old I think it can pass.  So off to the party we went and people oooo'd and ahhhhh'd that silly card.  Funny how one mans trash really is another ones treasure.

Now that I know I can completely design cut and assemble a birthday card in less than 30 minutes with nearly no real supplies from the craft room I'm not sure that I want to clean out that Misc Closet.  I am sure to be pressed for time again and that is just the spot to find some lost treasures.

Til next time



  1. Oh Susan... what a fabulous birthday card for any child. Playful design and colorful!

  2. Susan - this is magnificent. I'm drawn to the cheerful colors and bappy design and wow! That is some cut out! It would take me forever! I'm sure it will be well loved!

    And we all have one of those closets LOL!

    1. LOL...thank goodness I'm not the only one!

  3. I do keep a box full of half-finished pieces and run for it when a sudden need for a card arises. I love the bright happy feeling this card sends!! Awesome work on this great design, Susan!