Monday, September 18, 2023


Black and White.  Normally I do not think of this as a color combination.  I use black and white as base colors for cards or tags.  I've used black or white for backs of sentiments.  But never have I used Black and White as the entire theme.  Now I think if I used it as a theme or inspiration for 1 card it would be a challenge but do able.  But this is me.  I do not do "do able" .  I do, "I'm going to pull my hair out"!  I decided to do a collection of 32 Black and White Thank You tags.  Staying true to "Me" no two are exactly alike.  I do not like repeats because I get bored.  I decided to do this for a friend who is trying to do a baking business.  She likes to add a little thank you with each order and I thought it would be real cute if she had a little homemade tag to put on the order.  Plus I'm up at the cabin with limited supplies so doing a simple tag should be a breeze.  OMG!!!  I never took so long to make 32 little tags ever!  I kept looking at that black and white paper thinking " boy I wish I had some yellow"  or " would look awesome here".  But no!  My theme was Black and White.  Stick to it.  I would put some background paper on the tag and then stare out at the lake for 10 minutes trying to think of something black or white to put on it as an embellie.  I would finally figure it out and they all turned out ok but OMG it took me a week to make 32 little tiny tags!  I know my friend is going to like them but deep inside I hope not too much because I don't want to make her any more like them hahahaha.

A little side note here.  As soon as I had these bagged up and my work space cleared from all the Black and White, I pulled out my Christmas stuff again and began more Christmas tags.  Guess what?  I made 24 Christmas tags in 1 day!  Yep!  Can you tell where my passion is ?

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  1. WOW! Gorgeous B/W tags, Susan! And say what!?!?!? You made 24 Christmas tags in one day. Impressive!