Friday, April 11, 2014


Being a bit on the thrifty side..I tend to try to get the most out of what I have.  So when my cricut mat got all gunked up, papers sticking, things ripping when I was trying to remove them...I decided it was time to have it re-surfaced.  So first I used some lemon oil that loosened the stickiness after it sat for awhile and scrubbed it off.  Once cleaned I then sprayed it with a stencil adhesive and TADA! A working mat again...unfortunately.. :( it had to be resprayed after each sheet of paper since stencil spray is temporary.  And after 3 resprays it needed to be resurfaced from scratch again!  WHAT A PAIN!!!  So I bought a new mat.  I should be happy right?   Nope!  I realized that after maybe 3 uses the images started ripping and the background paper was not coming off right.  This is ridiculous.  So I sent out a HELP message on Splitcoast Stampers and thanks to SOUTHGIRL I got a very pleasing tip.   Some of our papers are more fibrous than others so little bits of paper fibers stick to the mat,which gets caught on the blade, which causes cuts to rip and papers to not pull off right.  She suggested that periodically you just wash your mat.  Not strip it just wash it.  So I rinsed it with hot (very hot) water, rubbed a little Palmolive dish soap on it and lightly scrubbed it with an old toothbrush.  Then while still soapy I again lightly scrapped a razor blade across entire mat to slide all the fibers off.  Rinse the soap off (again in very hot water) and hung it with a clip in my dishwasher to air dry.   Oh My Goodness....what great results!  I've had this mat now for awhile and I find that at the end of the day when I'm completely finished using my Cricut I do a quick Rinse, Soap, and Scrape and my mat is in great shape the next time I want to use it.  Great way to extend the life of the mat without totally re-surfacing it.   Thanks to SOUTHGIRL .....great advise!

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