Sunday, August 3, 2014


I tend to be the type of crafter that loves using unusual findings  The first thing I was drawn to were old mason jars.  I loved the bluish colored ones with the 1 piece metal cap or the glass caps as well.  I filled these jars with a ton of buttons or ever tiny ribbon scraps.  They just make the craft room look so pretty and interesting.  I'm always looking for unusual looking jars to decorate my room with.  I once found a cute bear jar that I believe once had peanut butter in it and it now holds a few not often used bottles of stickles.  Being in a lidded jar I don't expect them to dry out, which can happen to lesser used colors. 

  Next I became fascinated with wooden sewing bobbins found at the antique stores.  Alot of them still have thread on them and I thought "What the heck".  I can use the thread when I want something smaller than ribbon and the spools would look pretty on a shelf.

The the threads vary from very thin to embroidery floss size as you can see in the photo above.  I've used these threads with buttons on a card for a much tinier bow or as an embellishment by winding the thread around a piece of stock several times.  The threads are so versatile and very unique.

Another thing I've been drawn to are antique printing blocks.  I wasn't sure how they would work but I'm getting the results I wanted.  If you enjoy the look of the distressed stuff Tim Holtz does then your going to love these.  They are not easy to find but show up every now and then at antique stores and flea markets.
These are just a few I own.  They are metal plates attached to wood blocks.  Probably used for newsprint's.  It really doesn't matter what is on them but rather the look you can get because of them.  Some are quite dirty when you get them after all they were used in printing presses, but they are easily cleaned up by using a little undiluted Simple Green cleaner.
Here's the plate stamp on left and the Birthday card I made for my brother in law.  Loved the look!

To show how these stamp... I stamped both the men plates using dye ink on tan card stock.  The other plates I used a pigment ink pad.  This gave it a little less of a distressed look.  These plates tho by themselves are not very interesting but imagine using them as background accents for a card or tag.
Warning these plates are not cheap...the largest one of the man standing cost me $32. and it's only about 2"x3".  But if you want something really unique you need to find these.
Here's a quick tag I made with another one of these plates.  Definately has that Tim Holtz feeling about it.
Does anyone else think this looks like a streetwalker up against a lamp post, next to a gas pump?  Wonder what THIS ad was all about?  LOL!!!

I'm always in search of something different to use.  Getting these was a great find.  I will definately keep my eyes open for more.  I think I'm addicted!  LOL  Well my goodness thats alot of posts for 1 day....... Till later.......


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