Sunday, August 3, 2014


Finally back from the cabin!!  What a gorgeous time we had even though I left most all of my card making stuff here at home.  I even forgot my Brother in laws birthday card that I was so excited to give him!  I was giving him the sail boat card that I posted earlier titled A Couple of Guy cards.  I couldn't believe that I left without it.  I was pretty sure that this time I was all organized!  Yeah right......Ciaos is my middle name!  LOL.  So as I said I was very limited with supplies, but while at an antique store I found an old printers plate and decided that it could work.  So back to the cabin to go through papers I had stashed away for the grand kids to play with.  I also brought out the watercolor paints so I could jazz up the background.  I didn't have any embellishments but noticed the metal rim around an old coffee pot we were tossing so I clipped it off!  Why not?  And it worked out great.  Here it is:

Well my brother in law loved it and we all had a big laugh over the metal band I used.  
I even went back to the Antique store and picked up 2 more metal plate stamps.  Hopefully I can come up with some real unique card ideas to use them on.  I'll post a picture of those stamps later so you understand what I mean.  Until then..............................


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