Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tri Shutter Card ideas

Previous post have shown you how to make the Tri-Shutter cards with a Birthday theme and a Baby theme.  Now I have some Christmas.  Included in the photo is a larger version of my Friendship Shutter card.

It is so funny how different papers give you different looks.  The larger shutter card in the middle fits in a regular Legal size envelope which is awesome because you can buy a box from the dollar store and then just "Jazz" them up with some scraps to match your card.
This larger one uses a 12 x 9 piece of card stock.  Score on 12" side at 3, 6, and 9 rotate so 9" side is at top of paper cutter go in 3" from side and cut from 1st score line to last score line. repeat on opposite side.  Fold the same as the friendship shutter card. shown HERE     Cut additional pieces of card stock for back and front  (2) pieces   3.25" x 9.25". 
 DSP will be the following sizes:

12 squares 2.75 x 2.75  I used 5 different patterns
1   piece 3x9 for front.
You will also need about 15" to 18" of ribbon to thread through the back to close card.  This is OPTIONAL.

The other 2 Tri-Shutter cards fit in regular A2 envelopes.  

I'm working on a Variation of the Tri-Fold Shutter that I hope to post later.  Not sure yet what papers I want to use (maybe Christmas again?).  I also have to write down the measurements.  Hardest part is getting the measurements right.

Well without further ado............................

All my embellishments are left overs from last year.  I did not stamp or punch or die cut a single thing.  Amazing!  Ok maybe not....I tend to always have alot of left overs.    Since you use Designer papers there isn't a big need for alot of embellishments.  In fact if you have a blank space that you really feel needs something just add a couple buttons or tie a little bow.  Less is more.

Well I'm off to figure out the variation.............til next time...........................



  1. WOW! My jaw just hit the floor... awesome cards!

  2. How divinely exquisite, Susan! These are breath-taking beauties!!