Sunday, May 20, 2018


I have to laugh that here this is a card blog and I'm devoting this post to UNICORNS!!  My Granddaughter wanted a UNICORN birthday party this year.  The piece de resistance a "Sweets Table"!  We spent days on Pinterest picking out decorations and food ideas.  My dining room has been full of Unicorn stuff for months.  We are trying to do it on the cheap.  We are all about the D.I.Y!  So here's a few peeks.
First we started with the invites.  I ordered a unicorn die from Amazon and pulled out my large Sizzix cloud die   We had left over paper from her tie dye party last year so we used that for the back ground.  We made these a simple post card size.

Next came jars.  Candle jars, pasta jars what ever we could get our hands on.  Scrubbed off the labels and I painted them with just plain old craft paint.  I did use a sealer and only painted the outside.  I doubt if they will last very long but they will hold up for the party and that's what matters to me.  We plan on using them to hold straws (which we will have glued on them), suckers, pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate with sprinkles mimicking magic wands, utensils and whatever else we come up with.  I used my cricut to cut our=t these Unicorns.  I used the negative and some Mod Podge for the middle one sprinkling gold glitter. The Unicorn lost a bit of its shape when I glittered so I just used the black positive and Mod Podged it on the jars.
We also made little "Unicorn Magic Dust" necklaces for the girls.  I saw these on line and they were filled with glitter.  Well no way I want these girls having would get everywhere so I opted for colored sugars.  This way if they do open them they will be non toxic.  The jars were only $3.99 for 8 and they were on sale buy 1 get 1 at Hobby Lobby last March so not a bad price.  We used ribbon I had laying around so no cost there.  All the necklaces are out in a purple jar that will be added to the sweet table.

She then wanted a guessing game so I decorated another Jar...filled it with Sixlets candies that I got during Easter (so we could get pastel colors.)  I did make a tent card indicating it's a guessing game and cut out extra clouds for them to write their answers on.  Winner gets the Jar of Chocolate Sixlets.
We needed little serving plates so I picked up 2 sets of candlestick holders at an antique store and bought some plates from Walmart.  I hot glued them together and when we are done the hot glue will pop off so we can use the candle sticks with different plates for a different occasion.  The Unicorns on top I got at the dollar store.

Another item on her "Perfect Party" list was a SELFIE Frame.  So...dollar store foam board...I cut a ton of flowers with my cricut.  My Daughter in law put the flowers together and decorated the frame.  Super cute!!

The ears were cut from the center of the foam board and some glittered fun foam was used for the pink of the ears and the lettering along the bottom.

As a craft activity my Daughter in law was going to have the girls make homemade slime.  Of course the slime will need to be put into a jar for safe keeping so she bought little 4 oz mason jars and I spent some time punching flowers.  I made the Unicorn horns out of gold glitter pipe cleaners.  Ears are made from fun foam and glitter fun foam.  Now the girls have a jar to hold their slime.

Now it is time to start some of the treats.  Stay tuned for some follow up photos after the party.  
It will be Magical!

Until next time.............


  1. Susan, I am in awe! You are an amazing crafter... look at all these unicorn projects! AND you are a wonderful grandmother, too!

  2. My, oh my, won't these girls have a delightful time, Ama!??!! It looks like unicorn heaven, Susan!! Such attention to detail. I know it will be a magical and never to be forgotten birthday for Tori!!

  3. Oh Susan, shut the front door!! This is an absolute gorgeous display of all kinds of unicorn! This is amazing - you are one awesome gramma! You should be a party planner!! Everything is just so sweet and sparkly and fun!