Tuesday, February 5, 2019

More Tags to Brag about

Well looks like I'm still at it.  You know that little pile of scraps from my last post?  Well I just couldn't "Let it Go".  Every time I passed the table I thought to myself..."Hmmmm there are still some usable scraps there."  And if I am to challenge myself to make all that I could from One paper pack I might as well go all the way til there is nothing left.  Well at least nearly nothing left.  So I grabbed a bunch of miscellaneous size tags and started gluing.  I used even the tiniest sliver of the designer papers.  I also used just about all of the cover sheet too.  So now my challenge is complete.  Here's my addition and the very last scraps at the bottom of the picture.

That's right!! 14 more tags!  I had to use some of the solids but I just glitter glue those to spice them up.  Seriously what you see in the front is every last piece of the collection!  Final count???  68 cards and 39 tags!!  Wow that's quite a haul.  I wonder if this is addicting enough for me to try it again??  I kind of doubt it.  LOL   Unless I was giving all the cards to someone as a gift.   Or I wouldn't mind helping someone else get through it.  Hope I inspired you to give it a try.

Til next time...........


  1. LOL! Susan, you are amazing... I am sure I would have "let it go!" but you took those scraps and look at all you made with them. Impressive!

  2. I'd be bragging, too, Susan. Your skills and craftiness amaze me!! Sensational tags!!

  3. How cool is that! I have such a mental block making tags- I love what you have done here!!! You definitely earned bragging rights!!!

  4. The tags look very pretty! Great job using up your scraps!