Saturday, September 10, 2022

Pool Noodle Firecracker

Ah Ha I found 2 photos!  A bit blurry but you get the jest.  Every year family comes up to the lake house for the 4th of July.  We are lucky enough to have our own private beach that over looks the lake harbor.  To our left is the east is the Yacht Club where we can view beautiful sunrises from our beach and if we look to our right, the west, we have a view of the town and the Marina where there are beautiful sunsets.  It is our perfect get-a-way.  One the 4th of July our town has the fireworks display over the lake so the perfect viewing spot is......of course.....our beach!  This year I wanted the grandkids to help make it a bit festive and decided we were going to make pool noodle firecrackers to decorate the beach.  Only 1 problem.  We only got 2 done when my husband and I came down with covid and left to go home to our main residence in hopes of keeping the others safe.  Well that didn't work as 3 of the remaining 5 from our cabin got sick and that prevented the rest of our family members from gathering on the beach for the evening fireworks display.  Needless to say it was the 4th that wasn't meant to be this year.  But 2 firecrackers did get made and next year will be better.

So we needed pool noodles.  I got the red ones from the Dollar Tree.  I also picked up Blue and white Duct tape from the Dollar Tree and the fancy top pokes.  This project just took tape.  2 stripes of white on the red noodle and then we wrapped about 6" from the top with blue tape.  I had a roll of white vinyl for my Cricut that I used my star hand punch and punched a bunch of stars.  To get the noodles to stand in the sand I bought a few brooms from the Dollar Tree too and the handles fit right into the noodles hole.  The poles can be used over and over again.  As for the pool noodle.....although all the tape held up well considering this was on a beach with harsh sun and beating winds, the red color of the noodle faded to a light pink.  Now this could be because they were left up until September 5th.  I know!!!  Talk about being too lazy to pull a stick out of the sand!  LOL  Anyway I figured it will give the kids something to do for next year.


Well that's it for being behind on the crafty end.  Sorry these are too late for this year but hopefully you'll remember them for next year.  I sure hope I remember!  LOL

Til next time..........................................


  1. Sorry that your annual event got stomped on by Covid, but these fun pool noodle firecrackers will keep for next year's celebration!! They are awesome, Susan!!

  2. This looks like a blast! I hope you got to do this later than expected, but that you got to do it. Fun creativity!