Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Watercolor Do Overs


Blue bells are starting to pop out of the ground the Robins are singing the rains are making everything a muddy mess and little ones are soon to be enjoying the spring activity of jumping in muddy puddles!  My favorite thing to do with my granddaughter!  Speaking of water.............I returned to my watercoloring and this time with friends over the weekend.  I tried to teach that which I do not know LOL.  We had alot of fun trying for sure.  We all had the Dylusions multi media journaling book so we all did some practicing in there before advancing to actual watercolor paper.  Although we used good quality watercolor paper (I grabbed it from my husbands stash) we all used very inexpensive paints.  All of us used solid pan paints.  One had a set from Crayola and mine was from Walmart and a generic brand.  Though I do not have permission to show you their creations I can show you mine.  I had re-created the 2 I had done in my previous post except that this time they are on watercolor paper instead of in my book.  I will have to admit I prefer my previous birds to the new ones but the flower one I did Saturday I like alot better than the one I did in my book.  This is such a learning thing.  But I am enjoying it.  I even sparked my husband into wanting to get back into the groove.  He sat done and went through all his paints, through out some really dried out stuff and is making a list of new stuff to buy.  I can't wait to go with him so I can get a few supplies myself!  I definitely want to do more.  I might even frame one of these and hang it somewhere in my house.  I'm a big believer in hanging original art.  I have alot of originals (not famous just family but precious) hanging in my home.  We all have some sort of talent and it should be displayed for all to admire.  Oh before I are Saturdays paintings.  Ignore the tape as they have not been removed from the boards yet.

I'm sure going to love getting into this new hobby.  At least I think I am hahahaha. 

I hope Spring is popping up where ever you are at and that you can stop and take a little time to take in the colorful beauty that is about to begin.

Til next time...........................................................


  1. Loving your journey into watercolor!! Those birds are divine!! Great cards, Susan!!