Monday, March 3, 2014

Vintage can be Manly!

So once again I was watching You Tube video's.  Lately my daughter-in-law has consumed my craft room with a major school project constructing a scrapbook for a fellow teacher for the counties "Teacher of the Year" award.  This is done yearly with each school nominating a teacher and the county then goes through hundreds of notebooks (1 per teacher) to determine who will be chosen.  With my daughter-in-law being the craftiest staff member, she gets the job of putting together a enormous yet beautiful scrapbook for their nominated teacher.  So needless to say since I have all the machines, punches, etc.  she has been up in my room scrapping away.  Finally finishing over the weekend.  So with nothing to do I watched some amazing videos.  One was for a card using that vintage newspaper looking paper.  Archivers use to sell it but since they closed I may have to search around for some more since I only have 1 sheet of it.  I really don't remember who's video it was but I think her name was Marilyn something.  (I have got to get better at remembering who's video's I've been watching)  Anyway she had put some shabby chic flowers on hers and it was so pretty.  But.....I want to stick with guy cards so I just tweaked it a bit.  I used a Tim Holtz embossing folder that had clocks on it and cut out 1 of the clocks after I embossed some kraft paper.  Added a brown satin ribbon ( would have rather it was grosgrain but I didn't have any) and then took 2 old brass buttons and cut off the shanks with wire cutters.  Not bad!  Another guy card that could easily be converted to a gal card just by switching embellishment to flowers or butterflies!  Now that I think of it...the lady that did the original card used a paper bag that looked like vintage newspaper.  Ebay has these if you don't feel like searching for the 12x12 paper like I used.
Cute huh?  I made this with a base card of 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 mainly because its a guys card and guys have big hands and don't really like small, dainty cards.  Not the easiest size to find an envelope for.  Guess I'll have to take out my Making Memories envelope score board and make a custom envelope.  Maybe I'll try making the next one a regular A2 size! 

Happy carding!

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