Friday, July 9, 2021

Impromptu Birthday Card

 Ooops I did it again.  Seems to be my theme for this year. LATE!  I once again missed a birthday and went scrambling to get a card done so I can get it in the mail tomorrow.  Why do I realize these things right when I'm cooking dinner?  I'm stirring a pot and 💡!  So quick stir...grab some paper...stir again...cut....stir....glue.....stir.  See how I roll.  Had to make this simple and I remembered while on Facebook a while ago I saw someone mention this you tuber who does something called a Sheetload of cards.  They are pretty simple and her idea was that you can whip out a bunch of cards real fast with simple cuts.  Its quite similar to the 1 sheet wonder except you use a couple different sheets.  Any way I went to check out her channel and it just so happened the card she was doing was a Fancy Fold Slimline.  Well you know I LOVE Fancy Folds and Slimlines are all the rage right now so when I realized I was in need of a quick card that came to mind.  Now I didn't need the directions since it is pretty easy but if you want to print out her directions go check out her channel.  She has multiple tutorials and tells you how to obtain the free download in her video.  Here's her link.

Sheetload of cards

SO here's my masterpiece................................

This card literally took me 10 minutes to make.  That included grabbing the scraps from my scrap bin.  You just can beat that right?  I was looking at it while gluing and I thought OMG wouldn't this look awesome in G45 papers??  Yep tomorrow I'm going to dig out some Christmas paper, pull up Crafty Al's video for cutting of sheets (her directions are for 24 cards) and I will have a great start on my Christmas cards!

Hope you check the channel out and give this a try.  They are so cute.

Til next time.......................................



  1. Okay, first... I don't think I've ever been able to make a card in 10 minutes.

    second... I must not be cooking right, because I seldom get flashes of wisdom while cooking.

    third... your card is just way too cute and will be greatly loved by the recipient, whether it's late or not!

  2. Well Thank you thank you thank you. And this one could probably be done in less than 10 min if I tried. lol

  3. I'd say you are more than excused for being late - you haven't been home! :) Lovely card - I know the sheetloads and they are fun to when you need to 'get 'er done!'
    Awesome butterfly - sweet card!

  4. So very pretty with your sparkly butterfly!! Well worth the wait, I say!!