Wednesday, November 17, 2021

TAGS from 12x12's Part 2

 I must say I could spend days at the table just making tags.  I find it so relaxing to just cut and glue away!  Finishing up these tags was a hit and miss assignment though.  Ended up some were taken by the kids and some were used all before I was even able to get them photographed but thats ok I'm sure you will be seeing plenty of tags.  I also made a ton of embellishments for the tags.  Most for me but then I made extras for my Granddaughter for a project she has been working on and she was in need of extra embellishments.  So I thought before I send them out to her I'd get a photo to add to this post to share with all of you.

Truth be told before she came to pick them up I had also punched out a bunch of scallop circles in 2"  1.5"  1.25" and 1" and then a few 2" scallop ovals a few fancy edge squares in 2 sizes and alot of 2.5" snowflakes.  I love my punchs!!!  So easy to just sit while watching TV and punch away!.  LOL

So even though some of my tags got used I still managed to make another 10 and it looks like I can still get a few more by using those center pieces with the words on the sheets.  Which I found usually get covered up by the embellies anyway so you don't even notice.  Did I mention that already?  I feel like I'm repeating myself...hmmmmmm.

Anyway heres the next 10.

Lets see if I can squeeze another 23 out of the scraps so I can stick to my original post stating 58 tags from 7 sheets of 12 x 12.  You bet I'm going to try!  I love a challenge!

Til next time...............................................................



  1. What a fabulous assortment of tags and bits. WOW!

  2. An awesome array of sensational tags for the holidays, Susan!! These are sure to dress up some fun Christmas packages!!

  3. Love that you have made all of these tags- fabulous!