Wednesday, September 11, 2019


    Halloween will soon be here and it's time we all start thinking of our Halloween cards.  I for one love sending the grandkids a little card.  This year however I have been so busy and time keeps flying.  I don't even remember what has kept me so busy but lately its a bath remodel up at our summer place.  I've also been busy crafting.  Trying different things and it has seemed to knock my card making over to the sidelines.  But never fear........there are a bunch of super simple and super quick cards that can be whipped together in no time.

Start by using the Spellbinders Happy Days card die to cut out your base. You can get the die on Amazon for a reasonable price HERE.  I love this die for super quick cards.  Then just grab some designer paper and go for it.  This card is also good for scraps.  I'm going to whip up a few more and then I can concentrate on some crafts I'm trying to get done.  Maybe I'll post them later.

Til next time..................................


  1. Okay Susan, we need to talk. Your definition of "simple" and "super quick" are a bit off, I think. These cards look quite complex and involved... and a wee bit intimidating to a simple and super quick card-maker like myself. Not to mention they are just way too cute!

  2. Wouldn't I have fun in my scrap pile with this!! Fancy folds with a die is the only way for me to go, if I want them to work out well!! These Halloween cards are awesome with your fabulous papers choices, Susan!!

  3. OH Susan, you are the queen of how to make it! THis is amazing! I'd be here a month later still tryna square up those sides, LOL! Cute cute cute!

  4. Thanks to your enabling, I now have this die in my collection, Susan!! Maybe I can finally have some success with fancy folds!!